Fusion Dance Contest


Mr. Ádám Németh is the president of the Dance school called AFORCE1, and he is also the founder, the visioner and CEO of the Fusion Dance Contest, which has launched first in 2017. Within a very short period of time, the contest has become a prominent dance-brand, where the best dancers from all over Hungary and from abroad can merge together, in order to let the art, the precision and the various epic dance-genres to compete. Both amateur and professional experienced dancers can contest in solo, duo, trio, and group formation and in 4 different age-division, the categories including Street dance, Contemporary, Jazz and Show dances, Ballet, Rhytmical gymnastics, and Ballroom dances as well.


The critically-acclaimed Fusion Dance Contest in its 4th season, now launching the Fusion Dance Kids event, which is a standalone competition for kids only. Within the event, we would like to provide a chance to those kids, who wants to compete in Street dance, Stage dances, Art dances, Acrobatics and Open categories. Regarding of age, we will divide the kids into 3 categories, such as Mini, Kid, and Child, the age-group is going to be aimed at 4-13 year old kids. The goal is to give a competitive chance to these kids, so they can show us what they have in their sleeves and to get a life-altering experience. This is going to be an outstanding family and child-friendly event, where we will merge a very exciting professional contest with a professional training course, so this can be a fun for all. The dancers are not just competing for the gold of course, but for the precious and useful bonus-prizes too. The independent Hungarian and International judges are going to make their decisions based on our 5 main focuspoints, and the competitors with the highest score are going to receive a bonus-prize as well.


The novelty of the Fusion Dance Contest from 2021 is the Choreo Solo, One style solo, and Be Free categories, where we would like to give a better chance to dancers, who wish to express their talent, in order to receive a more focused, clean and detailed judgement based on their performance.


Those, who are the most committed dancers, via an online poll, can be choosen to be in the TOP 13 Danceschools, so beside of the 150.000 Forint main-prize, they can also win the NÍVÓ-title and many other very precious prizes, and so they shall ascend to the very top!


The inspirational performance and interview-videos made out of these events, so far had brought more than 630.000 views, so our long term goal is, that the Fusion Dance Contest channel shall become the greatest and most fun dancing Youtube channel in Hungary, where there are no technical and language barriers, no trolling, just pure dance-experience.


One of our further goal with the Fusion Dance Contest is, that by the year of 2025, the FDC should become the greatest, Association-free Dancing event in Middle-Europe, so even over our borders, it shall be one of the most professional and grandiose competition.

What the Fusion Dance Contest can offer?

  • Free of charge training courses and workshops to all of our registered competitors.
  • We are offering individual changing rooms per Dance clubs.
  • For all the leading teachers and coaches promo t-shirts and a competition pass.
  • For all the leading teachers and coaches a separate coach room where they can share and discuss their opinions, plus they can consume food and drinks gratis.
  • We will send you the judging valuations and scores on demand right after the competition.
  • There is going to be a photo wall where you can see a professional picture about your own team what you can download of course from the competition’s official website.
  • We also going to have a professional video maker called KR videography who is going to use all the latest technology such as 4k ultra HD Resolution, front row, and slider to make the best videos as possible. It is going to be available for direct purchase either the full video of the event, or just by individual performances and also we are going to upload it to the competition’s official YouTube channel as well.
  • We will providing for you a practice room for your warm up sessions and for your rehearsals.
  • We are offering a proper sized stage which will suit your needs even for the largest group performances.
  • We have invited and assembled an International Judging Panel included some of the best Hungarian judges as well.
  • We are offering Trophies, Cups, Diplomas and Money prizes.

Brand name and availabilities

The Fusion Dance Contest is available via its website, on facebook, youtube and Instagram where you can read the news and watch photos as well as videos.