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The voting in the Exquisite Category

The level show category is one of the defining trademarks of the Fusion Dance Contest. This category receives the most attention. You can enter the “Level” category only by online voting and then registration. There is no direct entry to this Exquisite Category, it is only possible through voting via the following: According to our competition rules, only the modern dance and hip-hop dance style dance schools who also has active competitive status can participate in this Category. In the “Elite Show” category, the winning dance schools of both hip-hop & street dances and spectacle dances will receive a cash prize of HUF 100,000 – 100,000 in addition to a unique cup and medal on April 15-16, 2023. All the Dance Schools who can make it to the Top 10 via voting could have the green card to enter this Category, and the Judging Panel can also give 3 additional green cards to another 3 Dance Schools after the voting time has expired. Of course if you have been voted to the Top 10, but you do not want to live with your right to compete, you can reject it, and in this case the next most voted Dance School is going to get the right to enter to the Exquisite Category instead of you. Please bear in mind that we are using different competition rules for Amateur and Professional Categories. The Exquisite Category has a completely different time limit, and also the allowed amount of dancers in the performance is also different. The age groups can be mixed and you can use visual effects and additional tools and equipment to boost your performance on the stage.

Please find out about more details in the Competition Rules Section.